Through the Eyes of Binoculars

Before we got a real camera with a huge lens, it was impossible to take good pictures since the birds were so far away. As a result, we had to take pictures through… our binoculars! It is very difficult especially since the binoculars are heavy! We had to press the camera lens to the eyepiece of the binoculars, while balancing the binoculars and using one hand to focus, and the other to press the shutter. But with hard work comes reward. We managed to take many pictures, such as the feature picture above. We also managed to take videos of the birds using the binoculars! It takes great balancing skills and knee-endurance 😉 Although we have now switched to a large camera with a telephoto lens, we occasionally still practice this “skill”.

The bird above is a cute yellow vented bulbul :3 They are common birds and can be mistaken as sparrows (they are slightly bigger). Below are more examples of through-the-binoculars pictures.







These pictures aren’t very clear/focused but they inspired us to take better pictures (and also made our father take pity on us and get a real camera with a huge lens) 😛 And as you can see, the later pictures get a little better.

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