Somewhere Over the Rainbow Pink-Necked Green Pigeon


These birds are definitely the most common residents of the forest outside our balcony. If we can’t even see a single pigeon perched outside the entire day, something is wrong.

Description: The pink-necked green pigeon (Treron vernans) is, as its name implies, green. 😛 The males have wonderful red- or pink-coloured chests like the one in this picture. Add to that a bluish-grey head, a lilac neck and bright red legs, and you get a rainbow-coloured bird!! :3 The females are generally dark greyish-green all over, but that doesn’t mean they are any less…amazing! During the evenings, flocks of thirty or more birds will congregate in regular feeding areas before flying off to roost in flocks. You can find it…well, almost in all parks, gardens or forests in Singapore!

Status: Very common resident breeder.

Diet: Frugivorous (mainly eats fruits). They eat soft fruit, usually figs and berries of all kinds. The fruits of common yellow-stemmed fig, the white-leafed fig and the MacArthur palm are its particular favourites!

30th May 2014


Nicely camouflaged against the green leaves and spottings of red berries!

14th June 2014


IMG_1985 cropped

22th June 2014





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