Javan Myna – not a Common Myna!



Strictly speaking, the Javan Myna is a common myna, but different from a Common Myna! 😉 The Javan Myna is a bird we see all the time, no matter where we go! However, it is different from the Common Myna, another species of myna; the common myna has a yellow ring around its eye. In our opinion, this annoyingly common bird is underappreciated; it is actually quite cute if you look at it in a different light! (the 2nd June picture!)

Description: The Javan Myna (Acridotheres javanicus), also known as the White-Vented Myna, is a highly gregarious bird. It can be found almost anywhere in Singapore – on the streets and in the forest. These birds are almost completely black, with a bright yellow beak and feet. They also have a streak of white on either wing.

Status: Very common introduced resident breeder

Diet: Insects, small invertebrate, fruit, seed, human scrap, carrion


29 May 2014




2 June 2014


Look at my Mohawk hairstyle!

7 June 2014


Style for today: Sleek back!




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