Oriental White Eye

IMG_9173cWe spotted some tiny little birds jumping about in a tree and thought they were hanging parrots at first, but on closer inspection, we realized that they were Oriental White Eyes! We’ve been dying to see some as we have a drawing of a white-eye that was meant to be this blog’s icon. However, the first time we saw one was a caged one (see other post). Luckily we managed to catch them IN THE WILD, happy and free! 🙂 (thoughts on caged birds here)

Update: WE SPOTTED 4 OF THEM flitting amongst palms! See below for the newer, sharper pictures!

Description: The Oriental White Eye (Zosterops palpebrosus) is a small bird and is a popular species for caged birds. There are apparently NO MORE wild oriental white eyes and those seen nowadays in the wild are birds released from cages. They have obvious white eye-rings and have an green-olive back. Their chests are yellow, as well as their foreheads. They have white underparts.

Status: Uncommon introduced resident breeder (labeled as introduced as the wild population has died out)

Bird 1 - no colour palette

Oriental White Eye! Drawn in Photoshop CS6 with a mouse by littlemeep

This was based off a picture of an Oriental White Eye. The white eye ring isn’t very clear though.

28 June 2014


2 August 2014

We spotted not just one, but FOUR white-eyes! These little birds were having a snack of some berries on the palms above the swimming pool. They are so cute!



Do you see TWO of them?


Hmm… I wonder what is below there.




Can you see me?


Can’t see me? Look!




This white-eye is eating something! Look at its pink mouth.


It was so nice to see these birds flitting about :3

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