Blue-Throated Bee-Eater

IMG_2671cover This blue-throated bee-eater has been a recent visitor in our area, along with a family! It is apparently the season for these bee-eaters to come to Singapore. At first, these birds kept their distance, but we think they decided to stay in our area. The bee-eaters in our area usually hang around the same branches, diving and swooping to catch insects before returning to the branch. We even have one juvenile, a bee-eater which is greener and fluffier than its older parent/guardian :3 So cute!

Description: The Blue-Throated Bee-Eater (Merops viridis) is a sleek-bodied brightly coloured bird. It is commonly found in low lying forests, mangroves and open areas such as fields. It has a brown head and upper back and a black eye stripe. Its throat is bright blue but fades into a bright green towards its chest area. It has green wings and blue tail feathers, while on its lower back there is a streak of white.

Status: Common migrant breeder

Diet: Insects

Fun fact: The blue-throated bee-eater is usually found in Singapore when its “cousin”, the blue-tailed bee-eater, isn’t. However, there is a slight overlap.

21 October 2014 0Y4A5180c_850 Yummy! 0Y4A5191c_800

13 September 2014 0Y4A3364c_800

7 September 2014 0Y4A2976c_800   0Y4A2988c_800

3 September 2014 Fluffy friends~ IMG_2832c_950

28 August 2014 IMG_2263c_800

18 August 2014 Sitting in the rain together 🙂 IMG_1783c_850

14 August 2014 The bathing bee-eater series! These cute bee-eaters like to spread out their wings and tails when it rains, so the rain cleans their wings. IMG_0661c_850 They look really cute and funny 😀 IMG_0664c_800 IMG_0684c_850

5 August 2014 IMG_9533c_800

27 July 2014 One happy family 🙂 IMG_7528c_800

25 July 2014 IMG_7401c_780

22 July 2014 DSC_1949c_800

21 July 2014 Snuggles :3 DSC_1882c_800

16 July 2014 DSC_1368c_850

27 June 2014 This bee-eater is greener than the others… it’s a juvenile! Awww 😀 IMG_3666Stretch

20 June 2014 How many birds are in this picture?? IMG_2674c 3! Great camouflage! IMG_2679c



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