Red Whiskered Bulbul


At first we only saw this bird once on 29th May and didn’t see it again for a very long time! But finally, we started seeing it on one of our favourite trees and realized we have a few of them. We usually see them singly or in pairs, but once we saw 4 of them!! They are extremely adorable birds :3

Description: The Red-Whiskered Bulbul (Pycnonotus jocosus) has a loud song and is a popular caged bird. It’s usually found in wooded areas. These bulbuls have a black crest on their heads and brown bodies. They have red patches next to their eyes and a red vent. Similar to the yellow-vented bulbul, they have white throats.

Status: Uncommon resident breeder.

Diet: Like most other bulbuls, it eats insects and fruits (like the fruits of the palm trees in some pictures below).

Fun fact: It was featured on the S$5 notes of the “Bird Series” currency notes released by the Monetary Authority of Singapore between 1976 and 1984.

8th September 2014

With our new 600mm lens, we took these extra sharp pictures! The bulbul is perching on a metal pole on the fence separating our pool from the forest. Bulbuls seem to like perching here. Isn’t he adorable :3


27th August 2014

Two little birds! And wait for it, the cutest red whiskered bulbul ever (last picture on this day)…


IMG_2233cBelow: THE CUTEST!!! It was just perching on a fruit. It’s so fluffy! You can even see his tiny feet and strangely spotted tail.


19th August 2014

Can you see the crest of the second bulbul peeking out?


Look at my bright red butt!

IMG_1862cIMG_1820c1Is this fruit tasty?


16th August 2014

IMG_1103cSurveying the forest.


4th August 2014

We took the featured image today 🙂

Why are you pointing that camera at me?


It has a funny tail with large white patches.0Y4A1519c1What is that?


29th July 2014

Today a pair of red whiskered bulbuls actually landed on a palm tree very close to our balcony!!! This was the first time we had seen them close up. They were really cute because one of them kept preening the other’s feathers but the other one just sat there, not doing anything. Terrible!

IMG_8169cPuffy freshly-preened crest feathers!

IMG_8240c Aww snuggles :3IMG_8305c

25th July 2014

Can’t really see this one’s red cheeks but it looks adorable anyway.


20th July 2014

Red whiskered bulbuls actually landed on the grass! They seemed to be pecking at something.

IMG_7006cBack on the tree.


14th July 2014

Finally! After the first fleeting encounter with this elusive bird, we finally got to see them on one of our favourite trees! And not just one of them..

0Y4A0700cHow many can you spot in the picture below?

0Y4A0656cAnswer: 4! (two in the centre, one on the bottom right and one on the top left (you can see its red feathers)).

29th May 2014

We spotted this mystery bird in just a second before it flew off! At first we thought it might be a scarlet-backed flowerpecker, but those don’t have black heads. It turned out to be the red-whiskered bulbul! We never saw it again though (or at least we thought we wouldn’t see it again), but it is definitely a cute and interesting bird.


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