Tiger Shrike


A shy little bird

This cute little bird has just arrived for the winter. Although we’ve only seen it once (on the well-loved metal poles), we hope we’ll see it again!

Description: The Tiger Shrike (Lanius tigrinus), also called the Thick-billed Shrike, is a shy, often solitary bird. Its name comes from the tiger-like stripy pattern of its underparts which are white with dark bars. Adult males have a grey head and a black mask – the one we saw was probably a female or juvenile. You can find it in forests, hunting from a perch at the forest’s edge (think metal poles). Its song is a musical warbling.

Status: Common winter visitor in Singapore.

Diet: Mainly insects and some lizards.

Fun fact: The name of the genus Lanius (typical shrikes) means “butcher” in Latin, referring to the birds’ habit of impaling and storing prey D: We don’t think our little shrike is so murderous! Just look at its adorable face.

2nd October 2014

The first (and currently only) time we saw this shrike! It first appeared on a metal pole at the edge of our balcony range.


We think it heard us clicking away.IMG_3392c

So it escaped to another metal pole between some trees. We had thought it had flown away! Little did it know we were lurking around >)

IMG_3462c  A squirrel!!

IMG_3473c squirrel


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