Pied Triller – The Penguin


This little bird doesn’t visit us very often, but we still love this cute bird and hope to see it again soon!

Description: The Pied Triller (Lalage nigra) is a bird that naturally occurs in Singapore. They are found in gardens and wooded areas. Their backs are black, and have black wings with white stripes. The tops of their heads are black with a stripe of black round their eyes, like a blindfold. They are usually found on tree tops, picking off caterpillars and other insects off the branches.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Various insects, such as caterpillars

Fun fact: Pied means black and white, while triller refers to the call it makes, a “che-che-che” sound.

18th August 2014

Surprisingly, this Pied Triller flew up really close onto the palms just above our swimming pool (and at our eye level when watching from our balcony)!

Don’t you think it looks like a penguin? :3


8th August 2014

While hanging around the swimming pool taking pictures of another bird, we spotted the Pied Triller hanging around an area that could only be seen from downstairs (instead of from the balcony)!



Me and My Friend, the Bee-Eater

Later on, we spotted the Pied Triller hanging around the bare tree to the right side of our balcony:



20th July 2014

This is our first sighting of this cute bird. At first, we thought they were juvenile Asian Glossy Starlings, but took some pictures anyway because they looked odd. They flew away just moments after. At first, we were surprised because the bird we got in our picture was one we had not seen before. We only noticed the second one (bottom left) when trying (and failing) to identify the bird! This proves how good birds are at camouflaging!


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