Purple backed Starling


We’ve only seen this bird once, during the start of the winter arrivals season, but we hope it’ll come again!

Description: The Purple-backed Starling (Sturnus sturninus), otherwise known as the Daurian starling, is a highly social bird and moves around in large flocks. It has a distinguishable purple back (obviously), dull greyish-white belly and beady black eyes. Juveniles lack the black patch on their heads. You can find them in open wooded areas. They migrate from the Himalayas, Mongolia and China to Southeast Asia during the winter.

Status: Very common winter visitor (passage migrant) in Singapore.

Diet: Like other starlings, fruits and insects.

Fun fact: If you see a really huge mass of flying birds, this could be it! They can move around in flocks up to a thousand birds!! :O

16th September 2014

A lone bird was spotted! It kept craning its head to survey the area, as if it were a scout checking to see if this area was a suitable forest for its flock. We hope our forest is good enough for it and more of them will come back!


Peering around the area

Smaller and slimmer than the fat pigeon on the left!0Y4A3477c

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