Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot

IMG_9394c y

The first time we spotted this bird was when we noticed a strange, bright green blob with red spots amongst a pale coloured tree! They make very high-pitched noises and despite their adorable appearance, they usually bicker with one another over food and space.

Description: The Blue-Crowned Hanging Parrot (Loriculus galgulus) is a little green bird with a very short tail. You can usually find them in forests or gardens, and sometimes along streets. They are difficult to spot and can usually be seen flying away very quickly. Blue-crowned hanging parrots are bright green all over with bright red tails. Males have red throats and a blue patch on their heads, hence the name “blue-crowned”. These parrots also have a yellow patch on the back of their necks. You can differentiate juveniles by their pale-coloured beaks, unlike the adults’ grey beaks. (The bird on top is a fluffy juvenile :3)

Status: Uncommon resident breeder

Diet: Flower, fruit, seed, nut, nectar

Fun fact: These parrots like hanging upside down on tree branches, just as their name suggests!


6 September 2014

I’m hiding!

0Y4A2861c y 0Y4A2869 y

27 August 2014

The parrots like eating the fruit of the palm trees.

IMG_2226c y IMG_2220c y

7 August 2014

Parrot acrobatics! They are called hanging parrots after all.

IMG_9875c y IMG_9874c y

4 August 2014

This is the day when we took the cover images for the page! But when we first spotted the parrot, we noticed it was next to a different “hanging” creature…

IMG_9367c yIMG_9366c yThe adorably shy juvenile parrot :3

IMG_9386c yIMG_9391c yParrots are so colourful! Who knew it secretly had bright blue under its wings?

IMG_9392c y

2 August 2014

Can you spot me?

IMG_9207c y

Disguised as a leaf

1 August 2014

IMG_8882c yWormie!! Doesn’t this parrot look like a caterpillar? ๐Ÿ™‚



Later, we spotted an adult parrot feeding a juvenile (you can tell by the colour of their beaks).

IMG_8629c yCreepy starling on the left…

IMG_8633c y

7 July 2014

Extreme hanging acrobatics! :0

IMG_5027c y

13 June 2014

We spotted two of them on a tree by the street!


NO! Go away!



1 June 2014

While taking pictures of another bird, we noticed red amongst the trees. Upon further inspection, we realized that it was an elusive blue-crowned hanging parrot!! This was the first time we had seen one.


I’m hiding. Can you see me? :3


7 thoughts on “Blue-crowned Hanging Parrot

    1. Well, we live in Singapore so there’s not really a “rural” area. We’re really living in a city and we feel so fortunate because our balcony overlooks a little patch of forest that is currently still untouched. ๐Ÿ™‚
      There are other little spots all over Singapore that birdwatchers can enjoy but we’re really lucky because we just need to stand at our balcony and we can see all these birds! Hope you continue to enjoy our posts~


    1. Haha ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks! Apparently you can spot them in the Botanic Gardens, though we’ve never seen one there before.
      (p.s. Having been inspired by your comment, I’m currently creating a new, updated straw-headed bulbul post ๐Ÿ™‚ Look out for it!)


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