Mystery Raptors?

On 16th November, we heard some strange calls outside. Suddenly, we spotted 4 birds of prey high in the sky! They were circling around the area and one even came close above the roof of our condominium. We quickly ran to get our camera and took lots of pictures 🙂 At first, we thought they were a family of raptors, but then we realized that at least one of them was different. Here are pictures of the 2 kinds of birds:


0Y4A6111cWe suspect the first one is a Common Buzzard and the second, a Japanese Sparrowhawk, but we’re not entirely sure. Comments please anyone! 😀

Edit: The people at have kindly identified the birds as a dark morph oriental honey buzzard and a juvenile changeable hawk eagle! 🙂 We’ll be creating pages on these birds soon so look out for them 🙂


7 thoughts on “Mystery Raptors?

  1. The mystery bird looks falcon-like to me. Could it be a lanner or saker falcon? I’m not sure how far east their distribution is, but they have a similar pale speckled front. Great pictures, your blog is great ☺


    1. The mystery birds have been identified as an oriental honey buzzard and a changeable hawk eagle (I just updated the post)! The people who identified them have been birding for a long time and their blog is like an encyclopedia, so they think these are the birds we’ve seen. They are the more common raptors here in Singapore. But thank you so much for your comment! 🙂 Have you seen lanner or saker falcons before? We’d love to see them someday. 🙂


      1. I’ve only seen the saker and lanner in captivity unfortunately but maybe if i’m lucky (and travelling outside the UK) I’ll see them in the wild one day. I’m still relatively new to birdwatching so lots still to see 🙂


      2. We’re newbies at birdwatching (and blogging) too! We’ve been to the UK recently during our school holidays and we saw lots of magpies, seagulls and a blue tit, and lots of other birds that we couldn’t identify 😛 Good luck on bird spotting!


  2. This is so strange! I have an identical photo with two very similar birds – one an eagle and the other a smaller raptor. I had identified them as a Serpent Crested Eagle (the wing colouration is a lot similar to the first one) and the other – a Kestrel. I secretly hope yours is the Japanese Sparrowhawk. It’s the first time I am hearing of one; so lovely ❤


    1. All these raptors baffle us because we have a hard time identifying them. We have lots of raptor pictures that remain yet unidentified. With some help we’re now fairly sure that the second one is a juvenile changeable hawk eagle and not a Japanese sparrowhawk, but now we do have some pictures of one! 🙂 -which we hope to post soon!

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