Showering In The Rain

One day, we noticed our Blue-Throated Bee-Eaters standing outside even though it was raining heavily. When we went to take pictures of them, we realized they were all in the same position, spreading their wings and tails in the rain, as if they were sprawled on the branches showering! :3


They’re probably cleaning their wings and tails~


Don’t they look so cute :3


For more pictures of these cute bee-eaters, click the cute little face of the bee-eater above ^^^

Or simply visit this link:

3 thoughts on “Showering In The Rain

    1. Thanks! We were lucky to have a whole family living in our area. Unfortunately, they’re gone now 😦 but, we have been seeing some blue-tailed bee-eaters (their cousins) around our neighbourhood, so you’ll see some pictures of those soon!

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