Straw-headed Bulbul: A New Song


We have posted on straw-headed bulbuls before but we thought we would make a new post because in recent months, there has been a change! After July, we stopped seeing our Strawberry (the nickname we gave these birds) pair so often 😦 We’re not sure where they went, but one day we started hearing a different song. Strangely, we think we can tell there is a difference between the songs! Suddenly we started spotting a new single Strawberry around. Lately we haven’t been able to spot any Strawberries, but we still regularly hear its loud and melodious song (though we have no idea where it’s hiding).

Here’s the same info from the old post:

Description: Like other bulbuls, straw-headed bulbuls (Pycnonotus zeylanicus) are songbirds. They have a distinctive loud, melodious warbling call that unfortunately has made them popular cage-birds 😦 You can usually find them in pairs or in families, in green areas like forests or gardens. They are larger than most other bulbuls and have a distinct orange-golden crown and face (which is why they are called straw-headed), as well as red eyes, a streaked brown body, green wings and what looks like a black moustache on their face.

Status: Uncommon resident breeder. This globally threatened (vulnerable) bird is apparently doing well in Singapore! 🙂

Diet: Fruits and insects, like other bulbuls.


26th October 2014

Today we saw two Strawberries!! We could hear their loud songs in the morning, and they were very active. One even flew to the palm tree fruits while the other remained on a branch in the mini-valley.


Later, during midday, they reappeared! One on a metal pole, and another on a branch behind the pool sign.

0Y4A5772c_900The above Strawberry flew to a nearby pole and looked like it was falling asleep. It was a sunny day with good lighting and it was quiet, so it had a good nap :3 (see the cover picture!)


6th October 2014

A sleepy Strawberry perched on a metal pole.


28th September 2014

We spotted a straw-headed bulbul landing near the swimming pool with something on its neck. At first we were worried a wire had injured it, but then we realized it was just a piece of grass 😛

0Y4A3884c_1275The Strawberry tried to wash it off in the pool. It flew to a branch to dry and we thought the grass was gone…


…but it was stuck to the bird’s foot instead! Oh no!

0Y4A3903c_1300What are you looking at?

0Y4A3909c_1300Attempting to hide behind its wing.

0Y4A3913c_1300 Trying very hard to pull it off…

0Y4A3917c_1500Nnngggggg…0Y4A3919c_1500 I give up… help!!!0Y4A3927c_1500

17th August 2014


9th August 2014

A very poofy Strawberry lying at the edge of the pool. It looks like it might fall in and float away :3


4th August 2014

A beetle! :O


22nd July 2014



12th July 2014

Straw-headed bulbuls like taking a dip.


4th July 2014

The Strawberry found a swing!



3 thoughts on “Straw-headed Bulbul: A New Song

    1. Our older pictures were taken with the Canon EOS 70D with a 70 – 300mm zoom lens, which we now use as a handheld camera to take upward shots of raptors in the sky 😛 It’s also great to carry around! Recently we’ve also been using an EOS 5D Mk3 with 600mm lens on our balcony for the tiny birds that are really far away (about 30-70+m away!). 🙂

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