Crimson Sunbird – The Little Red Dot


We have only seen this bird a few times as it is really tiny and super hard to spot! They are also rarer compared to our usual visitors, the Olive-Backed Sunbird.

Description: The Crimson Sunbird (Aethopyga siparaja) is a tiny bird, around 13cm long. It can be found in parks, and at the edges of forests. Males are bright red all over, with dark grey wings and light grey rumps. The grey areas can sometimes seem dark blue under the light. Females are light yellow-green and have red feet and beaks.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Nectar

Funfact: This bird is the unofficial national bird of Singapore! This is because it is so small and is bright red, hence is a “little red dot”, which is a nickname for Singapore!

21 November 2014

We decided to go on a morning walk round the neighbourhood and we spotted a sunbird! We were extremely excited. This time, it was so close to us that we had to stand further back in order to use our binoculars.
This picture is probably the best picture we have! Can you see the droplets of morning dew/nectar falling off the flower?


9 June 2014

We were at the River Safari when we spotted this Crimson Sunbird! We were really happy because we hadn’t seen it a second time. It was also quite close up.


31 May 2014

We were taking a picture of some starlings when we noticed a strange red bird at the corner of the picture!!!


Can you spot it?


We were really lucky to have managed to catch the sunbird in the picture! 😀 Don’t you think its wings look very blue in the picture?

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