Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker


This tiny bird is one of our favourites, but is also one of the most irritating birds to spot and photograph! We used to only see it as a small dot flying away, chirping like it was laughing at us 😦 But recently this flowerpecker has been visiting one tree more often so we get better pictures of it!

Description: The Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker (Dicaeum cruentatum) measures 9cm long and weighs 7-8g – tiny! It can be found in gardens and forests, though it is difficult to spot due to its size. As the name implies, the male has a red stripe from its head to back, with a dark blue body and a white belly. The female is plainer looking, being mostly olive green with a red tail.

Status: Common resident breeder.

Diet: Mostly nectar (it is called a flowerpecker!) and some small insects and fruits.

Fun fact: Although small, this flowerpecker has a very loud voice. Its chirps are a repetitive metallic tsit sound, which is why we nicknamed it Cheepy Bird :3


13th December 2014

We first spotted a male flowerpecker perched on a branch, bending over as if it was scratching itself against the branch. :3

0Y4A6867cThen we noticed a female flowerpecker hopping around the lower part of the tree!0Y4A7024cThe female is more drab-coloured than the male. Its eyes gleam in the sunlight :0

0Y4A6876c  Can you spot the 2 flowerpeckers in the picture?0Y4A7032c_1300

(Hint: there’s the male in the top left corner and the female in the bottom right)

10th December 2014

Cheeping away, as usual.


Anyone out there?


Putting every feather in place.


2 December 2014

Mohawk fluff :3


30th November 2014

Gazing out into the distance. It’s unusually unruffled today.


17th November 2014

Flowerpeckers like preening a lot 😛 You can see the red stripe down the male’s back that runs down from its head to its tail.

0Y4A5997c 0Y4A6026c

22nd October 2014

Our flowerpeckers always look ruffled and petrified. Because of their tiny size, any slight breeze is like a hurricane!

0Y4A5390c  Chirping harassedly 😦0Y4A5355c

17th October 2014

Doesn’t it look windswept?


14th October 2014

Our first clear glimpse of a female scarlet-backed flowerpecker!


Adorably fluffed up :30Y4A4774c

11th October 2014

This is how it gains its loud voice – practice 😉


3rd August 2014

Our first (barely) recognizable pictures of the flowerpecker. It was travelling in a group with some sunbirds! Apparently flowerpeckers sometimes move in mixed species feeding flocks with sunbirds and white-eyes. When this picture was taken there was a procession of sunbirds and a flowerpecker moving from left to right 😛



11 thoughts on “Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker

    1. Aww thank you! 🙂 We’ve been dying to post more but the school year has started and we’ve been bogged down. Hopefully soon!
      Thanks again for the dedication 🙂 We’ll definitely check it out!

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    1. We have yellow-bellied sunbirds here too! They’re actually fairly common in Singapore 🙂 We call them olive-backed sunbirds. We have some pictures of them but we haven’t done up the post yet. Hopefully we’ll do it soon!


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