Hill Mynah

0Y4A4127c front

These queer mynas like visiting us after the rain, alerting us to their presence with their funny curious cries. When we first saw one, we thought it was a myna with a carrot in its mouth and a banana peel on its head! πŸ˜› After getting clearer pictures, though, we think its yellow wattles look like a yellow headdress that a pharaoh would wear.

Description: The common hill myna (Gracula religiosa), usually just called the hill myna, is a jet-black myna (like the common myna and Javan myna), but has an orange beak and bright orange-yellow patches of skin and fleshy wattles on both sides of its head and nape. It can produce an extraordinarily wide range of calls like whistles, wails and gurgles. In captivity, they can learn to mimic human voices and everyday sounds! They rarely land on the ground and like to stay in forested areas.

Status: Uncommon resident breeder in Singapore.

Diet: Fruits like figs, insects and even small lizards!

Fun fact: Instead of the usual jaunty gait of other mynas like the Javan myna, the hill myna hops! It moves from branch to branch in sideways hops.


12 January 2015

The fruiting tree attracted a lot of birds, including this curious hill mynah.


6th January 2015

Hill mynah gazing off into the distance…


2nd December 2014


1st December 2014

Peekaboo! Can you find me? :3


30th November 2014

Today we took the cover image! πŸ™‚ The hill mynah pair were happily eating the palm fruits.

0Y4A6259c_1300Latest movie poster:0Y4A6290c_H1300

26th October 2014

First we saw 2 hill mynas, on their favourite fruit tree :3


Then 2 more flew to join them! The first time we saw all 4 of them together in one spot πŸ™‚ We’ve seen 4 hill mynas at the same time before but never so close to each other!0Y4A5792c_1200

(secretly snacking during the family shot)

5th October 2015

I want to be the next bird of peace! Move over, dove!



0Y4A4079cLook at my dazzling wing! (now I can be a flamenco dancer)


My preciousssss…

0Y4A4139c_1200 Pretending to be a wolf.





23rd September 2014



10 thoughts on “Hill Mynah

  1. I have not ever seen mynas like these, they are quite extraordinary. They appear be a ‘pack bird’ like the other mynas. Do they attack and push other birds out of their territory like the Indian myna and the Noisy Miners? Even the beautifully sounding Bell Miner ( or wrongly known as Bell Bird) does the same.


    1. We have not seen any aggressive behaviour from them, but we do have Indian mynas as well as Javan mynas here in Singapore which can be quite pushy πŸ˜› We searched up the Noisy Miner and Bell Miner and they look really cool! We’d love to see them someday πŸ™‚


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