Long-Tailed Parakeet


We used to always think the shrill calls we hear regularly were from ordinary starlings, but we soon found out that they were actually from these colourful parakeets! They have a lot of personality 😀

The Long Tailed Parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) is endemic to the Andaman Islands, Nicobar Islands, Sumatra, Borneo, and Peninsular Malaysia (including Singapore). They are mainly found in forest, swamps and mangrove areas. They have a very distinct call and shape when they fly, and are commonly seen in huge groups. These parakeets are mainly green with blue wing feathers and lower back. Their faces are pink with a black stripe on their cheeks. Females have grey beaks while males have bright red-orange ones. Females also have shorter tail feathers, and duller cheeks.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Fruits, seeds, flowers, leaf buds

1 May 2015

We heard their classic call from the sky and managed to catch them flying away! They have a very distinct shape seen from the sky and their long tails are very noticeable!


4 March 2015

Long-Tailed Parakeets are really very colourful! Even the bottom of their wings are a different colour (as you can see, yellow)!


Showing off my wings


Embracing the light

22 February 2015

Here you can see the size of a Long-Tailed Parakeet in comparison to some Pink-Necked Green Pigeons (which are about the size of any ordinary pigeon)!

This is also an example of a male parakeet…


21 February 2015

…while this is a female one!


14 February 2015


7 February 2015

Another wing-show off!


Gnawing on the branches…


How many parakeets can you count in this picture???

(Parakeets like travelling in huge groups such as this one!)


29 January 2015

Look at their colourful backs!


17 December 2015


Picking up some food~


A comparison between the male and female parakeets! (Male is on the bottom left, female is on the top right!)


Look at their wings :O


A whole troop of parakeets!!




19 October 2014

A better look at the wings and back of a parakeet! They are very active birds when they’re around so we are able to take lots of great photos of them in flight.


This parakeet seems to have taken an interest in this leaf.


*nom nom* (can you see the bite marks?)


Parakeets in action!


Fluffing up




10 thoughts on “Long-Tailed Parakeet

    1. Thank you so much!!!!! Indeed there are lots of amazing birds in Singapore 🙂 as for the pictures, we had to trash a lot of blurry pictures in order to pick out these ^_^ (ps. your pictures are amazing too!!!)

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