Lineated Barbet – Part 2!


Our first post on this barbet was almost a year ago! Since then we have managed to snap much better pictures 🙂 Anyway, here’s the description from the original post:

The Lineated Barbet is one of our most favourite birds! It is also one of the first birds we spotted. We have seen 3 of them at the same time! They always have cute faces :3 However, they are hard to spot as they are green, just like leaves.

Description: The Lineated Barbet (Megalaima lineata) is an introduced species that has been surviving well in Singapore. They live in wooded areas. These barbets have green wings and undersides, as well as a big pale pink-yellow beak. They have dark stripes on their heads and chests hence the name “lineated” barbet.

Status: Uncommon introduced resident breeder

Diet: Fruits, berries

Fun fact: Barbets are relatives of woodpeckers and they also excavate their own homes in tree trunks!

9th March 2015

A plump pigeon and a barbet sitting around their favourite berries companionably.


24th January 2015

Two fluffy barbets spotted together :3


13th January 2015



The barbet moved to another spot to feel the breeze in its wings…


7th January 2015

Isn’t it adorably curious?


22 September 2014

Barbets love fluffing themselves up and preening their puffy feathers :3


See his tiny pink feet?


16th September 2014

Today we managed to spot a pair of barbets! We were actually quite pleased that they were relatively near to each other.


6th September 2014

One sleepy and slightly grumpy barbet.


17th August 2014

During the fruiting season, lineated barbets love picking at the bright red berries and camouflaging themselves too. Can you spot the barbet?


Answer: it’s right here!


One juicy red berry – yum!


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