Happy Birthday~

(Yes, the picture in the banner was taken from our balcony πŸ˜› )

As we were writing posts recently, we suddenly realized that our first post was on 4th June 2014 – just over a year ago! So this post marks our blog’s first anniversary πŸ™‚ Yay!

To celebrate our blog’s birthday, here’s a list of all the birds we’ve ever seen from our balcony:

(Note: an * marks birds which we’ve spotted in the nearby neighbourhood close to our home)

Pigeons and Doves:
1. Pink necked green pigeon
2. Spotted dove
3. Zebra dove*
4. Jambu fruit dove

Mynas and Starlings:
5. Javan myna
6. Hill myna
7. Common myna*
8. Asian glossy starling
9. Purple backed starling

Kingfishers, Bee-eaters and Dollarbirds:
10. White throated kingfisher
11. White-collared kingfisher
12. Oriental dollarbird
13. Blue throated bee-eater
14. Blue tailed bee-eater

Barbets and Woodpeckers:
15. Lineated barbet
16. Common flameback
17. Coppersmith barbet
18. Banded woodpecker
19. Sunda pygmy woodpecker*
20. Laced woodpecker*

21. Yellow vented bulbul
22. Strawberry (straw headed bulbul)
23. Red whiskered bulbul
24. Olive winged bulbul

25. Black naped oriole

Sunbirds and ioras:
26. Common iora
27. Crimson sunbird
28. Olive backed sunbird
29. Brown throated sunbird

30. Scarlet backed flowerpecker
31. Orange bellied flowerpecker

Flycatchers (Old World):
32. Asian paradise flycatcher
33. Asian brown flycatcher
34. Oriental magpie-robin
35. Yellow rumped flycatcher

Warblers and Tailorbirds:
36. Common tailorbird
37. Arctic warbler*

38. Oriental white-eye

Sparrows and Munias:
39. Scaly munia
40. Eurasian tree sparrow*

41. Pacific swallow

42. Blue crowned hanging parrot
43. Red breasted parakeet
44. Long tailed parakeet

45. Pied triller

46. Tiger shrike
47. Long tailed shrike

Crows, Koels and Drongos:
48. Large-billed crow
49. Asian koel
50. Greater racket-tailed drongo

51. Red junglefowl

Birds of Prey:
52. Brahminy kite
53. White bellied sea eagle
54. Common buzzard
55. Japanese sparrowhawk
56. Changeable hawk eagle
57. Oriental honey buzzard (dark morph)
58. Grey headed fish eagle
59. Jerdon’s baza

Storks, Herons and Rails:
60. Little egret*
61. White breasted waterhen

In total: 61! Hopefully this list will continue to be updated as we keep birdwatching. We’re working hard to make a post for each bird on this list. Currently we still have a lot of birds to go πŸ˜› We’ve always been amazed at the diversity of bird species in our little urban area and we’re pleased to say that our photos have improved…

from this:


to this:


(sadly, our favourite tree has also become barer of leaves, as you can see in the pictures 😦 )

Thanks to all our followers and supporters! Your encouragement really means a lot to us πŸ™‚ If you’d like to see any of the above birds which don’t have posts yet feel free to comment!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday~

  1. Happy First Anniversary! Wow! What a list of birds. I have seen a few of your birds, but they were in a zoo. Must be nice to live at the zoo. πŸ™‚ Keep up the great work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sometimes it feels that way like we’re living in a zoo πŸ˜› but we’re not complaining! Hoping we’ll see plenty more birds and take plenty more pictures. Thanks!


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