Weewee (Zebra Dove)


When we first searched about these doves, we found out that their call is a “weewee” sound. We’ve called them weewees ever since. (Their call is very soft and high pitched and does sound like “weewee”.) We think weewees are very cute birds :3

The Zebra Dove (Geopelia striata) is the smallest of the terrestrial doves found in Singapore. They are found in mainly open areas such as fields, cultivated parks, gardens and sometimes urban areas (in fact, we see them in school!). They are shy birds that fly away at the first sign of danger. Zebra Doves are generally brown in colour with a distinctly grey-blue face. Their wings and upper parts have zebra-like stripes, hence their name. They have quite long tails, pale grey beaks and pinkish-brown feet.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Grass seeds

Funfact: Pigeons and doves (including this dove) can produce milk in their crops! This means they can feed their young without having to go hunting/foraging for food!

9 April 2015

Spotted some weewees by the side of a drain while on a walk:


Should we make the jump??? It looks pretty deep…

This zebra dove looks very dainty…



15 March 2015


14 February 2015

Shining in the light!



9 August 2014

The first time we managed to sneak up on a zebra dove at home! They like to hang around a patch of grass next to the car park.


10 thoughts on “Weewee (Zebra Dove)

    1. Peaceful doves, zebra doves and barred doves (which can be found in Indonesia) were apparently classified as a single species! :0 I searched about them and they do look very similar :3
      Thanks for commenting!

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  1. Great pics! I agree with Aussiebirder, these little guys look a lot like our Peaceful doves. The Peaceful dove’s call is different though -http://ibc.lynxeds.com/sound/peaceful-dove-geopelia-placida/bird-calling-suburban-backyard Thanks for sharing

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    1. Ooh, thanks for sharing the link! Apparently, zebra doves, peaceful doves and barred doves (which can be found in Indonesia) used to be classified as the same species! They do look very similar 🙂

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