Coppersmith Barbet


We were quite happy when we realized we had another type of barbet around our area! Don’t you think they look so small and cute :3

The Coppersmith Barbet (Megalaima haemacephala) is a small barbet that gets its name from the sound it makes, a tonk tonk tonk that really sounds like a coppersmith. They can be found in open areas and can sometimes be seen in groups. They are green in colour and streaky yellow-white around their chest area. The tops of their heads are red and they have a black stripe on their eyes on top of a white patch. They have large, black beaks to peck wood like other members of the barbet and woodpecker family.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Fruits, insects

13 April 2015


31 March 2015

Hiding amongst the branches…


28 March 2015

Barbet action photo!!


18 March 2015


11 January 2015

This barbet was actually seen on a tree just in front of our condominium (not from our balcony!) It was really close by so we could take good pictures of it!



30 December 2014

How many barbets can you see in this picture?? :000


Answer: 12!

13 December 2014



22 September 2014


2 September 2014

Size comparison: on the left is an Asian Glossy Starling while on the right is a Coppersmith Barbet!


20 August 2014


19 August 2014

The first time we got to take a good picture of the barbet! It is quite hard to spot them with their green plumage.


18 August 2014

Can you spot the barbet in this picture??


Here it is:


3 thoughts on “Coppersmith Barbet

  1. Wow! You saw 12 Barbets? That’s so lucky 😉 I’ve seen the Coppersmith Barbet only once.. and I could only get a picture of its back before it flew away :/

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