Owl Amazing Find

Last Tuesday, after school at around 5.30pm , we rushed to the Singapore Botanic Gardens after hearing from our grandmother (who goes there for her morning walks) that TWO OWLS had been spotted there!
We find owls really hard to find because –
1. You can only find them active at night
2. They camouflage so it’s impossible to see them in the day
– buuut, if you’re lucky, you can see them going to sleep early in the morning or waking up in the late evening!

[author’s sidenote: owls are my favourite birds and I’ve/we’ve only ever seen two of them overseas in Ecuador. Hence I have always wanted to see them in Singapore :D]

When we reached the location of the first owl – a cluster of palm trees – there were already people there with huge cameras set up and trained on the owl’s location. It was quite cramped as the owl was hidden quite deep inside the trees. Moreover, the owl was well-camouflaged and it took the help of some kind photographers (also there to see the owl) before we could spot it.

Note: some of these pictures were taken in the morning when the owl had just landed and was going to sleep.




go away I want to sleep :<


zzz… sleepy owl refuses to open its eyes 😀


This is actually a Sunda Scops Owl!

Sunda Scops Owls are small brown owls found in Southeast Asia. They are speckled with black on the upper parts and streaked with black on their lower parts. They have big dark eyes, which distinguishes them from their relatives, the Oriental Scops Owl (which can also be found in Singapore). They can commonly be found in forests and plantations.

Status: Common resident breeder

Diet: Insects, rodents, small birds, lizards

Funfact: It’s call is a whooping sound every ten to fifteen seconds.

After deciding we had enough pictures of the owl, we headed towards the rainforest trail, which was where the other owl was spotted. With all the dense leaf coverage, it was much harder to spot this owl, but we managed to see a large silhouette. It was backlit and the owl’s back was facing us, so we didn’t get great pictures.

The pictures below were taken in the morning! c:


This owl was much more awake than the other owl!!



Grumpy owl looks a bit frazzled :’P


Hoo’s there?

Don’t you think it just looks so adorable ;0;



We even managed to catch it with its ear-tufts up!
Owls are commonly mistaken to have ears – in fact, they only have ear holes, and those “ears” are just feathers!



A good look at the owl’s talons

This owl is a Buffy Fish Owl!

Buffy Fish Owls are large owls (compared to the 24cm Sunda Scops Owl, this fish owl is 45cm tall!). They are brown in colour with black streaked wings and have large ear tufts as well as yellow eyes. They can be found in wooded areas near water.

Status: Rare resident breeder

Diet: As their name suggests, Buffy Fish Owls eat fish! They also eat frogs, reptiles, small mammals and insects.

Funfact: This owl and its relatives have actually lost the soft fringes that are found along the rear edges of an owl’s wings, which allow owls to fly without making a sound. This is probably because fish cannot pick up airborne sounds very well, so the Buffy Fish Owl does not need to conceal its sound as it catches the fish.

It’s so amazing we got to see these owls! In fact, the Buffy Fish Owl is the first rare bird we’ve seen! ^_^

Bird Encounters out! (or should I say… owlt 😉 )

19 thoughts on “Owl Amazing Find

  1. Beautiful shots! Thanks for the great info too. Thank you for stopping by my site and liking a couple of my posts! Your blog is wonderful!


  2. I just LOVE owls! we recently had an owl family nesting in the neighborhood and every night you could hear the owlets communicate with their parents. The most wonderful majestic and then again funny looking creatures.
    Really enjoyed their company and trying to spot them at dusk. You hear them but can’t see them. They are amazing. Nice story and pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really want to see an owlet!! :3 Did manage to take pictures of the owl family?? :O
      We were quite lucky to see these owls in the evening/early morning 😛 haha!
      Thank you so much for visiting our blog!


  3. Beautiful!!! I’ve only seen one owl in the wild around where I now live (in north Texas), and it was amazing to spot it sitting on a fence right in the middle of the afternoon—but I was foolish and didn’t stop the car and see if I could get any pictures. Oh, well; I will always treasure the memory! Your photos here are well worth the trouble you took to take them!

    Liked by 1 person

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