To Catch A Flycatcher


We find that this Asian Brown Flycatcher is really hard to catch because it’s small and brown 😛 But we love its adorable beak and huge eyes!

Description: The Asian Brown Flycatcher (Muscicapa dauurica) is the commonest flycatcher in Singapore. It has a rather plain plumage – brown all over, except the pale underparts. Juvenile birds have scaly brown upperparts. Its head is so large in proportion to its body that sometimes it seems like a round ball of fluff with a beak! You can spot it in forests and gardens.

Status: Common winter visitor.

Diet: Insects in general

Fun fact: It breeds in Japan, Siberia and the Himalayas and winters in tropical Southern Asia – that’s a really long way to fly!

28th October 2015

This flycatcher really looks like a puffball on a stick.




17th March 2015

Look at its puffy feathers!


Carefully preening its tiny wing.


5th February 2015

Who’s there?


I can still hear you…


11th January 2015

We decided to take a walk around the nearby neighbourhood, and just across the road we spotted someone small moving in a tree: this little bird!


It looks like it has bits of food stuck to its beak. We’re not sure what those black bits are :O


Wake up, everyone!!

After warily watching us taking lots of pictures like paparazzi, the flycatcher decided to ignore us and… went to sleep :3


1st December 2014

Our first ever sighting of this bird! Isn’t it adorable? :3


11 thoughts on “To Catch A Flycatcher

    1. Wow what birds have you seen there? Our holidays just started and we’re planning to go soon 😉 Migratory season is the best, even from our balcony we’ve seen a brown shrike and other winter visitors!

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